Our Story


[ˈkiʋɑ]: Adjective. Finnish: nice, fun, neat, groovy.

But that's not really why we've called it kikiva! (although it's very fitting). The name of our store stems from our beloved pets: Kiki, our rainbow lorikeet and Kiva, our russian blue.

We are passionate about nice, beautiful and unique products for your home and for your loved ones.

Travelling throughout Europe, we fell in love with Nordic design, being instantly drawn to the aesthetics, functionality and simplicity. We continued to pursue our passion for excellence in design throughout Europe and Asia, discovering even more unique products that we are now thrilled to share with our customers in Australia.


Why choose us?

hanging coat rack with hat

Our Brands

The brands in our store have been selected based on their contemporary designs and functionality, with a strong focus on sustainability and fair-trade principles.

Our Products

Our products have come from all over the world, with a focus on Nordic and Japanese design. We are constantly adding new pieces, so keep an eye out!

eco packaging alliance green logo from noissue company

Our Packaging

We love our planet, which is why all of our packaging is made from sustainable, recycled, eco-friendly materials and is biodegradable. Our tissue paper and stickers are FSC certified and printed using soy-based inks.